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       Maqui Berry Superfine Po

A Berry Healthy Approach To Great Health and Wellbeing

Wouldn't it be great to have food flavouring and colour
that's organic, natural, and very good for you?

Your wait is over! Maqui Berry, an amazing purple berry coming out of Chile,
South America, is now in convenient powder form and available in Australia

A natural option to flavour (berry) and colour (purple/blue) to breakfast cereal, yoghurt, ice-cream and juices.
Loaded with powerful anthocyanins, an antioxidant of the flavonoid family
High in vitamins
Grown under sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods in the pristine and pollution-free mountains of Chile (Patagonia Mountains, pictured above)
100% Vegetarian
No wheat, gluten, or dairy products
Unsweetened, and no salt
Free from synthetic colours, flavours and preservatives

a branch can grow hundreds of maqui berries which are then harvested by hand
Maqui Berries On A Tree

What is the Maqui Berry
(pronounced "mock-ee")

       Aristotelia chilensis (Maqui, and also called Chilean Wineberry) is native to Chile and adjacent regions of southern Argentina. The berries are approximately 4-6 mm in diameter, coloured purple-black, and grow on trees that are 4-6 meters high.

       It was and still is a popular food amongst the Mapuche, inhabitants of Chile and Argentina, who ate the berries for good health and mixed the juice into a fermented drink much like wine.

      Maqui Berry Superfine Powder concentrate is pure fruit, comes from freeze-dried, organic maqui berry, contains extremely high levels of anthocyanins, significantly higher than acai, blueberries, and other berries. 

     Maqui Berry in this store is presented in capsules and sachets for convenient measurement, and protection from oxygen, heat, and moisture. Maqui Berry powder or granules are soluble in liquid, making them a valuable addition to your favorite drink and dessert. You can mix the Maqui Berry powder in drinks, yoghurt, cereal, juices, smoothies, and desserts. You can sprinkle them over ice-cream, yoghurt, and other desserts.

NOTE: ALWAYS BUY MAQUI BERRY POWDER that is packed in capsules or in one- or two-serve sachets. Capsules and small-serve sachets ensure that nutritional potency is not compromised.

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 Note: There are other maqui berry products which may contain a filler like rice flour. This gives it a nearly white or light brown in colour, and does not dissolve in water as fast.  Pure maqui berry powder has a colour of deep purple, dissolves in water almost instantly and gives the water the colour of wine.



Boy eating maqui berry flavoured popsicle
Wean your children away from store-bought, artificially-flavoured icy pops. Make your own frozen yoghurt or popsicles flavoured with genuine superfood.

Maqui Berry-Chia Super Drink
Be a Happy Maqui-Chia!
Mix Maqui Berry Superfine Powder with Chia Seeds
Learn How 

 yoghurt flavoured with maqui berry
Make home-made or buy unflavoured yoghurt and make your own TRULY healthy snack